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Lloyd Garrison

Lloyd Garrison


1. What year did you first join the Board? 



2. Where did you go to school? 

Purdue Univ.

Wayne State University-Detroit

California State University-Los Angles for BA and MA

3. Fun fact about yourself 

He lectures at Cal. State Univ.-Fullerton at the Osher Life Long Institute, and from time to time at the Claremont College consortium.


4. Hobbies

Reads literature on science and various aspects of foreign policy.



Lloyd Garrison has an unusual background, in that he is solidly versed in the physical sciences as well as the social sciences. He spent 12 years at the lab bench studying polymers and performing original research on ultrathin film cobalt doped crystal growth that could be used in magnetic recording media on polymer substrates. Out of those years grew US patents on fire-retardant intumescent polymer coatings and two published papers in the proceeding of the Electro-Chemical Society.

He completed his Master’s Degree in Political Economics at Cal. State. University at Los Angeles where his studies focused on Technology Transfer to Less Developed Nations and Social and Political Networks influencing the public policy decision-making process. After Grad School, he worked for several companies in marketing, one of which was developing a nascent market for radiation-curable pressure-sensitive adhesives. The bulk of his post-grad school career was with Hampshire Chemical Corp, a specialty chemical Division of W R Grace later acquired by Dow Chemical Corporation. His role there was the marketing and sales of specialty chemical intermediates; initially in the North American markets.


Eventually, he was promoted and tasked with the opening of markets in SE Asia, Latin America, Australia, and South Africa for specialty chemical intermediates used in the synthesis of glyphosate. (Sometimes known by the public as Round-Up.) As such, I eventually lived in and had my office in Hong Kong. This was used as a base to fly to countries in the above regions, spending a week at a time working with the technical staff and the senior management of potential customers, and developing a distribution network for each.

After Dow bought us out, Mr. Garrison retired, and from 2004 through 2010, was the Technical Manager for the Pacific Division of Brenntag, the world's largest chemical distributor.


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