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If you're reading this page, that means you're hopefully joining us soon for a concert, and we love that. We care a lot about growing our audience and making sure people who are newer to orchestral music have a great experience so ultimately you come back again. Have a question that's not answered here? Send us a message on Facebook, or by email, and we’ll be happy to answer it.

1. Where do you perform, exactly?
The San Bernardino Symphony is based in San Bernardino, performing throughout the year at the historic California Theatre of the Performing Arts. In recent years, we've expanded our footprint to include performances in Lake Arrowhead and Redlands, as well as various contracted concerts and ensemble performances throughout the region. 

2. What's a good seat?
We get asked this a lot, and most people will tell you that because the California Theatre is so well designed, there really is no bad seat in the house. That said, the two best locations are in the center, not too close to the front as that helps the sound blend a little better by the time it hits your ears (plus you can see more of the players when you're not right up by the stage), and at the front of the balcony so that you have better sightlines to see the entire orchestra from more of an aerial perspective. Lastly, if there is a piano soloist performing, people like to sit more towards the left side of the house so they can see the pianist's hands as they perform.

3. What does it cost to attend?

Our ticket prices range from $25 - $60 per seat. Student tickets and active military tickets are always $10.  These are very competitive prices when compared with other orchestras, but it has long been our mission to provide accessible music for the widest possible audience, so we work very hard to raise funds via grants and from individual and corporate donors to cover concert costs. The best deal comes when you order your seats in advance through one of our season ticket options. There are both 3-concert and 5-concert packages available and both offer a significant discount over single ticket purchases. We also offer group discounts where you can save 10-20% depending on the size of your group. 

4. What do I wear to the Symphony?
We want all of our patrons to be comfortable. Some of them love to dress up for a true night out on the town. Others are casual in their attire. Both are welcome and accepted. When choosing your attire, remember that children will be present as you consider the logos and cut of dress you wear. We also ask you to avoid large or tall hats that will obscure the view for other patrons behind you. 

5. Can I have a drink at the concert?

Yes! The California Theatre has an intimate bar in the lobby. Look for the Will Rogers Room. Patrons may bring drinks inside the theater, so there’s no more waiting in line before the show or at intermission. Bring your drink with you and sip while you listen! 


6. Do I have to know about orchestral music to appreciate it?
No. We strive to demystify and explain the music we perform. Expect the Maestro to introduce each piece from the stage. But if you want to know a little more, we have multiple ways to help you do that, beginning here on our website.

7. How long is a concert?

Concerts usually range from about 90-100 minutes. 

8. Where do I park?
Directly across the street from the California Theatre in the old mall parking garage. Parking is covered, lighted, free, and patrolled by the security service we employ for each concert. There is also parking on the street, as well as behind the Theatre, but those tend to fill up quickly. (Please do not park in the lot directly west of the Theatre as it is reserved for the customers of the adjacent stores and you could get a ticket or even be towed!)

9. When do I applaud?

Whenever you feel moved to do so! We ask that you don't clap *while* the musicians are performing symphonic repertoire, however. When we're performing pops music, the policy on this is more relaxed.

10. What else should I expect?

Expect to be surprised! First, you’re going to see a far greater diversity of age than you may have expected. Second, you’re going to meet some very nice people… beginning with our Board Members who are there in the lobby at every concert to greet you. Third, you’re going to experience the music in a way that is extremely different from listening to orchestral music on the radio. In fact, prepare to be inspired by the musicianship of our outstanding orchestra members and featured performers… that’s something you cannot experience except in person! 

11. What are the SBSO's COVID-19 Safety Requirements?

While no longer required, the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra strongly recommends the wearing of well-fitting, multi-layer masks for all concerts and events.

12. I've seen photographers at concerts. Will I be photographed?

The SBSO may record and/or take photographs during our concerts and events for posting to our website and other promotional activities. When possible, we will ask your permission, but sometimes crowds are photographed and not everyone can be consulted. By obtaining a concert or event ticket, you consent to the recording and/or photographing at said event(s) and for the use of any images by the SBSO.

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