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Frequently Asked Questions



If you’ve got a question that isn’t answered here, feel free to reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or by email!


How long is a concert?

Concerts that begin at 3pm usually run until about 5:15pm with a short 20 minute intermission. 


What do I wear?
There is no formal dress code. However, please keep in mind our concerts are family friendly. Anything that obstructs the vision of those around you is not allowed.


How early should I arrive?

We encourage folks to arrive about an hour early to find their seats, enjoy a drink if they desire, and take some pictures before the concert. 


Some symphonies have pre-concert lectures, will there be one before your concerts?

We are fortunate that Maestro Parnther explains each piece from the stage to the entire audience during the concert, so there is no need for a pre-concert lecture! Our Maestro is concise, and engaging with his explanations to complement the performance of the orchestra.


Where do you perform?
For Large concerts we are usually at:


The California Theatre of the Performing Arts 

562 W. Fourth Street

San Bernardino, CA 


San Bernardino Valley College - Football Field and Historic Auditorium 

701 S. Mt. Vernon Avenue

San Bernardino, CA 


Various-sized ensembles also perform contracted concerts throughout the region. 

Where do I park?
The California Theater has a security patrolled parking structure across the street off E street, as well as parking behind the theater and on the street in front of the theater. (Please do not park in the lot directly west of the Theatre as it is reserved for the customers of the adjacent stores and you could get a ticket or even be towed!) 


At the San Bernardino Valley College, there are free, open parking lots across from each venue which are held for us the evening of each performance. 


Each ticket holder will receive an email leading up to the event with the most up to date concert details including where to park. 

What's a good seat?

A good seat depends on what you enjoy most. You can take a look at our seat map to gauge distance from the stage but if you require further assistance in selecting the best seat for you, feel free to contact our office. 

Are there any discounts on tickets?

There are full- and partial-season ticket options available which offer a significant discount over single ticket purchases. Student and military tickets are always $15. If you have a large group of 10 or more, contact our office to get set up with the best deal!

I'd like to bring my kids, but how old should they be to enjoy the concert?

You know your children best, so the rule of thumb is if they are able to stay engaged through an entire movie they'll probably do fine at a concert. Children who sit on your lap do not require a seat, but please do purchase seats for your older children (they're just $15 regardless of where you are seated. Just call our office at (909) 381-5388). And we hope it goes without saying that if your child is fussy you will respect those seated around you by taking them into the lobby.


I can't find my ticket! What do I do?

No worries! Give us a call at the office with the name used to purchase the tickets and we will resend the email, or hold them for you at will call. We answer our phones starting at 12 midday on concert day for any concerns or questions you may have. 


What if I don't remember all of this?

Four days before each concert for which you have a ticket, you will be sent an email providing details about the concert and relevant information. If you have any questions, please call us at (909) 381-5388.


Are there refreshments during the concert?

The California Theatre has an intimate bar in the lobby called the Will Rogers Room (named for the American political satirist who performed his last show at the venue). Patrons may purchase drinks there and then bring their drinks inside the theater to sip while you listen! 


San Bernardino Valley College is a college and they are a dry campus. 


Do I have to know about orchestral music to appreciate it?
No! We strive to demystify and explain the music we perform. Expect the Maestro to introduce each piece from the stage. If you want to learn a little more please visit our welcome guide.

When do I applaud?
During a multi movement piece it can be tempting to clap between pauses but as long as the Maestro is facing the orchestra the music is still forthcoming. Once the Maestro faces the audience you may provide your reaction!


What else should I expect?

Expect to be surprised! Prepare to be inspired by the musicianship of our outstanding orchestra members and featured performers… that’s something you cannot experience except in person! 


What COVID-19 safety measures are in place?

Please rest assured that we are closely monitoring the situation and will adhere to any local health guidelines and recommendations that may be in effect at the time of the event. Your safety remains our utmost priority, feel free to wear a mask!


I've seen photographers at concerts. Will I be photographed?

By obtaining a concert or event ticket, you consent to the recording and/or photographs at said event(s) and to the use of any images by the SBSO. But... We love when you take your own photos too! We encourage you to post your pictures on social media and tag us! #sanbernardinosymphony #SBSO

What should I do if I lose something during the event?

If you happen to misplace something, please call the venue and subsequently our office. We usually take back items to hold for our guests in case they call about them. ​

Can I volunteer or get involved with your organization?

Absolutely! We wholeheartedly welcome volunteers and individuals who share our passion for supporting our mission. Please reach out to us to learn more about exciting volunteer opportunities and how you can contribute.

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