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In partnership with Cal State University San Bernardino, the San Bernardino Symphony Association and its volunteer Guild created a series of educational videos on each of the instruments commonly used in orchestral performance.


These videos, which feature Cal State music students discussing and performing their instruments, are used as part of our Music in the Schools program administered by Guild docents. We have also made them available for you!


The Violin

The Cello

The Jazz Bass

The Acoustic Guitar

The Viola

The Double Bass

The Electric Bass


The Flute

The Bass Clarinet

The Basson

The Clarinet

The Oboe


The French Horn

The Trombone

The Trumpet

The Tuba


The Timpani

The Percussion

The Mallets

The Percussion II

History of Orchestral Music

The Baroque & Classical Eras

The Romantic Period

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