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Andres Martin

Composer of the Morgante Violin Concerto


On the side of his work as a soloist and chamber musician, Andrés Martín has full time schedule as a composer, writing hours of new works every year, performed and comissioned by renowed soloists, chamber ensambles and orchestras around the world.


His "Concerto no.1" for double bass (2012) became a standard work in the double bass repertoire, performed in more than 25 countries around the world and was recently chosen as final round piece by  winners of the 2017 Bradetich Foundation International Double Bass Competition, International Society of Double Bassists Double Bass Competition and 2019 One World Symphonic Festival Camerata. This concerto was also chosen as a required work for the 2017 Bradetich Foundation International Double Bass Competition and 2020, 2021 and 2022 Sphinx Strings Competition.

In 2019 Andres got a Composition Recognition Award for his outstanding contribution to the double bass literature, by the International Society of Bassists (ISB).

During 2020/2021 Andres finished several works. Some of them where already premiered and streamed online while the others are being programmed right now and would have their premieres in 2022:

  • "New Begginings" Concerto for Hutchins Consort and Symphony Orchestra (comissioned by The Hutchins Consort)

  • "Concerto No.3" for Double Bass and Symphony Orchestra (Comissioned by Petru Iuga)

  • "Resilientes", for Clarinet and Double Bass (Comissioned by Emiliano López Guadarrama)

  • "Unstoppable", suite for Flute, Violin and Double Bass (Comissioned by Camarada Ensemble)

  • "Pterolycus", Double Bass Quartet (Comissioned by Claus Freudenstein)

  • "Vox" Concerto for Cello and Symphony Orchestra (Comissioned by Roger Arvid Anderson)

  • "Pegasus", Double Bass Quartet (Comissioned by Madeleine Crouch)

  • "Here I am", for bass orchestra (Comissioned by the International Society of Double Bassists)

  • "Aria", Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra (Comissioned by Roger Arvid Anderson)

  • "Padre Pio", Suite for Double Bass and Piano (Comissioned by Nash Quereshi)

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