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Audrey Lamprey

Audrey Lamprey

EDUCATION Eastman School of Music, Bowling Green State University

FUN FACT I grew up on a chicken farm!
HOBBIES Bird watching, walking, reading, jigsaw puzzles


I have had a varied career in music over a fifty year period. Although I went to a music conservatory where the emphasis is on performance, I chose to major in music education. My first job was teaching junior high school in Elmira Heights New York. This included directing a 60 piece concert band, teaching group lessons and teaching general music to seventh and eighth graders. A real learning experience for a newly minted teacher!

A move to Ohio created the opportunity to attend Bowling Green State University where I had many performance opportunities while obtaining a Master of Music in Performance. A move to Indiana gave me the opportunity to perform with the Kokomo Symphony and Brass Quintet. California became my next (and last) state of residence. Here I have enjoyed being a member of the Carson Symphony, Riverside Philharmonic, Redlands Symphony, and San Bernardino Symphony.

As a part-time lecturer, I taught introduction to music and other classes at both Cal Poly Pomona and UC Riverside for over thirty years. I am now retired and enjoying a less hectic life teaching private students, playing in the orchestras and participating in my hobbies.

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