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Dr. Anne L. Viricel
Executive Director



Adopt - A - Musician

The lights go down, the music starts, and there they are again... that musician you so enjoy seeing each concert.  Perhaps they are playing your favorite instrument... or their performance within the group is simply outstanding in your estimation.

Or maybe you look over at your child or grandchild and see they are enthralled with a particular section of the orchestra.  You whisper, "What are you thinking?" And they whisper back, "Look at that giant double bass!  I wish I could play that!"  Then you think you yourself, 'If only I knew the bassist, what a wonderful opportunity it would be to inspire this young person with a little of their time.'

As an "Adopt-A-Musician" sponsor, can make a direct connection with our talented and inspiring orchestra members!  Simply select your musician, and a few keystrokes later, you've expanded your Symphony Family by one more very special person.

As an Adopt-A-Musician participant, you'll receive information about your "Adoptee", a commemorative lanyard to wear at concerts, and invitations to exclusive Adopt-A-Musician events and concert after parties.

You will also receive a listing in all season program books so other concert-goers may recognize your commitment to the arts in our community.

And, as SBSO orchestra members are all professional musicians working throughout the region, you will also receive electronic notifications of their various musical performances.. That way, you can enjoy your Adoptee's artistry in a variety of venues.

What better way to engage with your SBSO?

Adopt-A-Musician @ $150 each
Adopt-A-Principal @ $300 each
Concertmaster @ $500 Each
Adopt-A-Musician Form

Steve and Linda Anderson
Kristen Morrison

Dr. Donald and Mrs. Carol Averill
John Wang

Catherine Bacus
Lisa Belding

Grace Baldwin
Sara Andon

Bob and Jan Bell
Circe Diaz Gamero

George and Elaine Bohn
Robert Coomber

Jonathan and Amanda Boyd
Sahak Karapetyan

Marlin Brown
Todor Pelev

Mark and Laura Lee Brownton
John Gann
Gary Long

Mariel Collin
John Gann

Donna Cooley
Tom Sender

Cliff and Bobbi Cummings
John Aranda

Drs. Henrik and Amy DeJager
Dennis Caravakis

Margaret Doane
Sara Andon
Patricia Cloud

Dr. Ben and Mrs. Ona Eby
Martin Rhees

Drs. Thom Gehring and Carolyn Eggleston
Ana Maria Maldonado

Hon. Doug and Mrs. Judi Fettel
Carolyn Beck

Drs. Ernest and Dorothy Garcia
Laura Rosky-Santoni

Lloyd and Marion Garrison
Ana Maria Maldonado

Laura Gonzales
Carla Capolupo

Gigi Hanna and Tony Barber
Circe Diaz Gamero

June Heppenstall
Harvey Newmark

John and Beth Johanneck
Carla Capolupo
Heather Millette

Terrill and Irene Jones
Lynette Kobernik

Phyllis Kates
Kathleen Dyer

Mike Kovack
Dennis Caravakus

Joshua Laizure (Ricki Estbander-Mease)
Kathleen Dyer

Nicholas Laizure (Ricki Estbander-Mease)
John Gann

Theresa Lantz
Heather Millette

Don Linde
Michael Tacchia

Chester and Desiree Marcell 
Circe Diaz Gamero
Heather Millette

Michele Martinez
Pierre Flores

Dr. Audrey Mathews
Harvey Newmark

Dr. Glenn and Mrs. Clare Matney
Sara Andon

Mildred McKim
Michael Tacchia

Dean McVay, Esq.
Tom Sender

Drs. Knox and Carlotta Mellon
Lynette Kobernik

Drs. Elliott and Gloria Meltzer
Marilyn Schram

Elizabeth Mines
Harvey Newmark

The Honorable Patrick and Mrs. Sally Morris
Colleen Coomber

The Honorable Philip and Mrs. Judy Morris
Marilyn Schram

Mel and Judi Nowlin
Brad Close
Andrew Hayhurst

Mariel Olsen
Bruce Anderson

Ronney and Judy Podskalan
Margaret Worsley

Patricia Reisch
Bruce Spalding

John and Ann Rogers
Yang Steinke

Phil and Lynda Savage
Audrey Lamprey

Louis and Mary Schnepp
Mary Dropkin

Victoria Seitz
Evgeny Tonkha

Doug Solberg
Circe Diaz Gamero

Dr. William and Mrs. Leslie Soltz
Audrey Lamprey

Gary and Bernice Underwood
Hripsime Yepremyan

Judith Valles
Todor Pelev

RuthAnn Wachsmuth
Linda Wilson

Phil and Maggie Waller
April Losey
Kathleen Mangusing

Jonathan and Lisa Weldy
Sara Andon

Qimin Yang
Laura Rosky-Santoni


Please contact the SBSO office at (909) 381- 5388 for any additional information about making a donation.

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